Green Wednesday

What is Green Wednesday?

Keep hearing about Green Wednesday and wondering exactly what it is?

The date has quickly risen in popularity as one of the biggest “high holidays” next to 420. Known as the cannabis Black Friday, Green Wednesday is traditionally the day before Thanksgiving and is akin to the annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and promotions.

It’s the day when cannabis enthusiasts and consumers flock to dispensaries looking to score huge deals and the chance to stock up before the Thanksgiving Holiday with their families.

History of Green Wednesday?

Where did Green Wednesday start?

Like with most cannabis things, we aren’t entirely sure, but there is one company, a cannabis delivery service in California, that claims they started it all in 2016. Noticing the increase in sales before the holiday, the marketing geniuses decided to call the day Green Wednesday with their customers and it somehow stuck.

Thousands of dispensaries started using the name with deals as high as 50% off. Now it is very rare to find a dispensary that won’t join in on the promotions.

Do Dispensaries also participate in Black Friday?

Yes! Most dispensaries also can’t resist participating in Black Friday with consumers.

The rush of the sale season is appealing to most. Be sure to ask your local dispensary if they are also participating in Black Friday as well as Green Wednesday.

Mystic Greenz dispensaries will be participating in Black Friday sales.

Smart Shopping

Several Smart shoppers reportedly order online ahead of the line.

60% of cannabis consumers claim that although they expect a busy dispensary, at least they beat the wait of ordering while there.

Some leave room in their carts for additional sales that are only available in store. Other shoppers have used various ecommerce sites like WeedMaps and their dispensary’s website to capitalize on promotion codes and loyalty or rewards points.

No matter the origin, Green Wednesday has been coined by cannabis enthusiasts as a bargain shop day and they come to buy in bulk. Check with your local dispensary to find out if they will be participating in planning out your savings.

Happy Shopping!!!